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Modern Fidelity


Modern Fidelity is a speaker start up based in Seattle, WA. Founded by Ben and Gary Leeds, with the singular goal of bringing a custom home speaker experience into your home without the custom installation. And cost. This gave birth to the Modfi-7, a compact, cube-shaped speaker that booms.

Modern Fidelity users needed the ability to interact with their speakers. The company really wanted to understand how their users enjoy sound and tailor a listening experience to those needs. There was also a 186 day period between the time the products pre-sale was launched and the time users received the product.

We designed a dashboard and mobile application that would allow Modern Fidelity to get to know their users and connect with them to “bridge the gap” between the time of order and receivement. Along the way, we realized there were some cool ways to gather some data to not only tailor listening experience, but manage where and which speakers their audio was playing on. Including features like follow me and auto-transition.

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Figma, HTML5, JavaScript


Modern Fidelity