Dealmaven Marketplace is where entrepreneurs go to take chips off the table with partial acquisitions. It’s a place where buyers can find companies to purchase full or partial equity and where sellers can go to meet buyers interested in purchasing or investing in their business.






User Research
Product Design


User Flows
Lo-Fi Design
Hi-Fi Prototypes

User Flow Development

Our initial approach to working with Dealmaven involved creating a user flow to understand how users navigate through their platform. We recognize the importance of understanding the user’s needs and preferences before proceeding with design solutions.

Through our analysis, we identified two distinct user journeys: buyers looking for assets to purchase and sellers seeking potential buyers for their business. Our team developed user flows that illustrate how users could navigate through the process, and we conducted user interviews to validate and refine the process.

By building a user flow, we were able to gain a better understanding of how users interact with the platform and identify areas for improvement. This allowed us to create a design that is intuitive, user-friendly, and aligned with Dealmaven’s business goals.

High Fidelity Design

Our team worked collaboratively with Dealmaven to ensure that the designs accurately reflected their brand identity, and we utilized the user flows to inform the placement of design elements, such as buttons, menus, and calls to action.

Once the high-fidelity designs were complete, we conducted user testing to validate the effectiveness of the designs. We recruited participants who matched Dealmaven’s target audience and had them complete a series of tasks on the platform while we observed their behavior.

Through user testing, we identified areas where the designs could be improved and made necessary adjustments to ensure that the user experience was seamless and intuitive. We also used this opportunity to gather feedback from users, which we incorporated into the final designs.